Jesus in contemporary culture

What do they say about me? (Luke 9:18) This question addressed by Jesus to his disciples remains valid. As in the first century, the answers of our contemporaries are very diverse. This conference provides an insight into the different figures of Jesus portrayed today by theologians and artists in literature, cinema, theatre, and various religious and philosophical currents. However, Jesus and his message, presented in the Gospels, remain to be discovered…

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literature and faith

Were the 1920s in France a golden age for Christian novelists ? The debate on Christian-inspired literature was then at its height. Writers such as André Gide, François Mauriac and Georges Bernanos, literary critics such as Jacques Rivière, Henri Massis and Albert Thibaudet each contribute, often contradictory, to this reflection on the Christian faith and its literary expression. Georges Bernanos, with the publication of “Sous le soleil de Satan” in 1926, relaunched the debate…

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Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) wanted to compose an apology of Christianity, unfinished at his death. The “Thoughts” and his other writings tend to set the limits of reason and emphasize grace and revelation in the search for God. An approach to conversion, lived and defined by one of the geniuses of French culture…

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