This book offers Christian laypeople a brief and accessible perspective on what the Bible teaches about ecology and about Christians’ responsibility to care for the environment. The book situates these subjects within the framework of the Bible’s overarching teachings about creation, fall, redemption, and new creation.
The author also explores his theme by examining relevant scientific and historical data, as well as by discussing the history of philosophy and theology.
The book’s chapters and subsections are brief, making the discussion easy to follow, and the volume ends with practical tips for how people of faith can care for the environment in their daily lives.

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  • Promotes Christian values in the service of culture, environment and media. Aim to promote social justice and a better life for citizens.
  • Focuses its practical activity on environmental protection in developing countries.
  • Collaborates with several Christian and secular associations and NGOs, including :
International Christian Conservation Organization
Service d’ Entraide et de Liaison: Protestant Association for International Solidarity

Frédéric Baudin, director of CEM, writer and lecturer, studied ecology, modern literature and theology :

  • author of numerous articles and a dozen books, including several on the theme of environmental protection from a biblical perspective.
  • devotes part of his time to training on sustainable development:
    • demographic, economic and social growth, agriculture and food,
    • finding solutions adapted to the context of developing countries
    • Area : Francophone Africa, Madagascar, Haiti, India, etc.